Crossover Valve Series 67

High Performance Series 67

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General Description

The Series 67® Severe Service Crossover Valve takes a leading role in the valve industry. The scope of applications in the various global markets is enormous because of it’s quarter-turn construction, ease of operation, and nearly zero maintenance. Moreover, Crossover Valves are ideal for conditions which require valves that occupy less space, weigh less and provide a Class VI shutoff. Besides these advantages, all Series 67® valves are fire-safe and have Low-E, zero emissions packing that exceeds EPA 2020 emissions standards. Finally, the Series 67® brand ensures reliability and an excellent price-to-quality ratio.


Technical Information

Smart Seat Technology

Patent Dual Wedge Joint

Axial Thrust Bearing-Liquid Seal & Buckle Pin



Universal 3-pc. Body - Allite® Seal

Industries & Applications

Sizes & Dimensions


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