PDC maintains a large inventory of electric and pneumatic actuators in our modern manufacturing plant. This facility combined with a unique and universal system of brackets and linkages, as well as a complete stock of metal clearance and elastomer lined butterfly valves can provide the right assembly, at the right price, right on time.

PDC's total commitment to quality and service assures you that dimensional drawings, installation and maintenance manuals, plus complete technical support are immediately available to you from our sales and service departments.

PDC truly provides the HVAC industry with Value in Valves.

The PDC Advantage

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PDC 3-Way Assemblies are shipped as a complete unit, assembled, mounted and tested, ready for field installation. Two valves are mounted on a 125 lb. cast iron tee; one valve complete with power actuator, the second valve controlled through connecting slave linkage. The valves are normally linked so that as one valve opens the other valve closes. The tee arrangement desired should be specified by indicating appropriate tee position, and the placement of both the power valve and slave valve respectively. Click the link below for Selection Guidelines.

3-way tee selection chart for the HVAC market

Typical PDC products that we would recommend for the HVAC applications: