PDC: History & Background

Process Development & Control LLC was incorporated in 1970. This privately held company has served multiple global industrial markets as a manufacturer of butterfly damper valves and flow control components for nearly 50 years. Satisfying the global market with offices located in Pittsburgh USA and Beijing China, has given “PDC” a strong and loyal customer base.

The product line offers 2"-60" low leakage cast butterfly valves designed to meet the control needs for the air, gas and water management users. We provide an engineered product that has the capabilities to handle temperatures up to 1500º F. Our computer-aided, three-dimensional engineering design system refines our imaging, drafting and production documentation to ensure the right quality and product integrity. We complement our valves with a wide selection of valve automation to meet the requirements of our end users.

Our manufacturing experience combined with our capacity and equipment allow us to customize the individual characteristics of our valve products. We own more than 300 casting patterns that are supplemented by custom flame cut variations that support our 10 core product segments. These valves are offered with a variety of seating options and mounting bracket designs to serve specific applications.

Our customers are supported by a Marketing and Sales organization that can answer technical questions and assist in application analysis. Complete assembly drawings are available for reference. The fully integrated computer system tracks order entry, purchasing, production, inventory, shipping, billing, and accounting.

PDC serves the needs of broad-based market sectors including the furnace, compressor-blower, gas recovery, gas equipment engine, HVAC, environmental, LNG, and power. PDC valves are increasingly being applied in the “Green” alternative energy markets.

The PDC team is customer focused with the knowledge, technical competence and commitment to be a preferred supplier for cast damper butterfly valve products, associated actuators and control products.

We can and do offer true “Value in Valves.”