The Chemical industry has a variety of features such as diversified products, sophisticated processes, potential for high measures of discharged pollutants, and high toxicity levels. Therefore, the chemical industry has advanced in sustainable methods which significantly impact environmental, economic and social development. Today’s chemical industry is dedicated to reducing emissions, increasing plant safety, and protecting the environment, while adhering to strict government regulations. PDC can offer high quality products to meet different chemical industry requirements. 

PDC adds value in the chemical manufacturing process through the safe, accurate and reliable operation of our flow control solutions. Our specialist knowledge for isolation, control and flow regulation of liquids and gases enables our customers to minimize their capital and operational expenditure, while maximizing their productivity and uptime for essential equipment.

Across the entire chemical industry our products provide the exacting levels of durability, reliability and safety that our clients require.  We offer a range of products to specialty chemical producers of coatings, adhesives, ceramics and lubricants along with polymers, thermoplastics, polyamides, chlorine, acids, agrochemicals, fertilizers and industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen.

PDC offers solutions that extend across the whole chemical industry.

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