A safe and efficient water supply is an essential provision for everyone. With the growth of population, water resources are becoming more and more deficient. It’s highly important to make good use of traditional water resources (such as inland freshwater lakes, reservoirs, etc.) and seek new water resources. The water treatment industry is always seeking methods to maximize water resource sharing to ensure sufficient water supply.

PDC provides customers with complete solutions for every application of water including applying high-efficient methods to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water as well as the effective treatment of wastewater.  PDC will provide customers with high quality products and service to ensure the stable operation of the projects.

PDC specializes in the manufacturing of actuators and flow control equipment for every part of the water industry. Managing a water plant is a complex operation, where safety and efficiency are paramount.  Water plants that meet the necessary quality and environmental standards rely on actuators for controlling and monitoring the process from start to finish.  PDC flow control products are widely recognized as being as one of the most reliable, robust, and user-friendly products available in the water industry.

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