Choke Valve

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Design Standard

Choke valves are used to control flow rate and reduce pressure for processing of produced fluids farther downstream. Effective chokes reduce the likelihood of damage to downstream equipment, support longer lasting production timespans, and alleviate stress from field operators by keeping them away from the wellhead.

Our chokes are also economical and provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. As a global manufacturer and supplier of chokes for the oil and gas production market, we can provide a fit-for-purpose solution for any application.

Selecting the proper trim for your application and environment is crucial and can help avoid expensive damage such as erosion and corrosion.

Design Features

  • Pressure balanced design, minimizing torque/thrust loads
  • Low torque stem packing & sealing system, lower cost for actuation components
  • Customizable ports to optimize performance
  • Solid Tungsten Carbide trim standard
  • Cage with shrink-fit carrier protector
  • Replaceable outlet wear sleeve
  • 360/24 degree stem locking device standard
  • Closed yoke protects moving parts
  • Bolted bonnet design for all sizes
  • Large trim positioning indicator with sleeve pointer protector in stainless steel
  • API –M/C (EE-.5), Temp (L/U) as standard
  • All other API material classes are available


  • Oil & gas reserves
  • Drilling mud lines
  • It is also used in well service lines for cementing, and acidizing
  • It can be used at flow lines that operate at high pressure


“A” Series-Angle Body Plug & Cage trim
“EA” Series-Angle Body Disc Style (MOV) Trim
“IC” Series-Inline Side Entry Disc Style (MOV) Trim
“EC” Series-Inline Disc Style (MOV) Trim
“AD” Series-Angle Body External Sleeve Trim
“ICS” Series-Inline Top Entry Disc Style (MOV) Trim

Available Options

  • Choke valves are available in a wide array of actuator types fully assembled or can be supplied prepared for actuation by others
  • Our choke valves are versatile for adapting to pneumatic, electric, hydraulic third-party actuators and controls
  • We can provide fail-closed, fail-open or fail-last actuators
  • All product we sell is function tested and calibrated
  • Units can be supplied to meet CSA, UL or Atex certification
  • The actuator systems we provide have been extensively tested for endurance, superior field performance, reliability, and durability
  • Shown below are some of the common types of actuation configurations